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Bad Behavior - K.A. Mitchell

I first thought that this book was waaaay too long and that the author either couldn't let her characters go or felt like keeping rambling about them was a good idea even if I couldn't fathom why.


That still stands, but now that I've had some time to get over the frustration, it seems to me that more than being unable to finish her story when it was still good, the author got mixed up with her plot lines and in fact told two stories in one book. Or maybe, she very neatly told one first, then the other, not to get mixed up with her plot lines. Who knows...


One : 4 stars


It's about Beach discovering that he is a submissive, about how the scenes with Tai make him whole and happy. It's about his struggle to come to terms with that. Since it's a romance, it's about them falling in love in the process.

I loved this story, and I loved them both. The power exchange was palpable, I could feel the energy, I could feel and understand how it was so simple and so complicated at once. It was powerful and fascinating and hot. 

I'm sure it isn't flawless, but those two characters worked beautifully for me. I cringed at many aspects of domestic discipline, but it made sense for them. Eventually, it made sense for me too. 




Halfway mark





Two : 2 stars


Tai and Beach are together in a D/s relationship that is slowly drifting toward a 24/7 relationship, and the story is about the many obstacles that will come in the way. Except that it's barely about a 24/7 relationship and the doubts one must have to commit to that. It's another romance about two characters and the obstacles trying to tear them apart. Such as silly misunderstandings, intrusive friends, and a big secret coming back and biting Beach in the ass. This story relies on three plot devices : Tai is a hot alpha, all is soooo unfair for poor Beach, make up sex. It felt like this book had been possessed by a kinky Amy Lane!



I don't know how to conclude. I loved these characters, and it felt like the second part was barely about them. What to say...Read it for the first part?