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The King's Men (All for the Game Book 3) - Nora Sakavic

Funny how a same rating can cover different experiences.


3,5 stars usually means that I loved the book, but not enough to be deaf to an annoying nagging voice that keeps pointing flaws at me. That's how I've rated the first two books; and indeed, if we look at things the other way around, I made an effort to get over my niggles, but I loved those books. The effort wasn't huge, the niggles were not that important in regards of the fun I've had.


This book is the end of the road. It's the point beyond the back and forth between instinct of survival and desire to live, the point where we're cornered. Shit hit the fan, and I've had a lot of fun. It's the point where I've been able to go with the flow, and be oblivious to anything that wasn't the fast-paced development. Among other things, I still find Neil's clairvoyance in all things unnerving, but did I care? Not really. 4 stars fun all along. Not quite blind, but definitely deaf.


And then, right at the end, something happened that I didn't like. It's stupid, really. I can't even explain why, but I hated how that knot was tied. I should have rejoiced, and I am sure that many readers have, but it made me angry. I can't elaborate because I'd hate to spoil your fun, but also because I am still trying to process my reaction. One thing is sure though, it ruined my fun; and those 3,5 stars that are a good rating in my standards are proof of how much I've enjoyed myself before that, because I am far from satisfied with how this series is ending. I don't see how it could have ended in an other way to be honest, but irrational anger is my privilege and I am brooding over it.