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It has nothing to do with books, and it's not even an intelligent analysis of the current events. You may want to skip.



I know that it's not about books, and I know that you must have had your fair share of news about us, but ... Can I brag a bit?


3,7 million in the streets, slightly worried but still showing off (roosters we are), and above all, united. It was something guys. It was warm and powerful and intoxicating.The métro drivers warmed the crowd in the trains through the microphones that they usually use to announce that the traffic is interrupted, asking us to shout and saying that they were happy to work today. Heck, it was the fifth dimension, it was as if we had been sucked into a Disney movie! Everybody loved everybody. People applauded the CRS and the snipers on the roofs. Poor guys didn't realize it was them who were applauded at first (complicated relationship with our police forces, and all that), but then they were beaming and showing thumbs up. 


I applaud the determination our muslim fellow citizens showed in joining a march that was theirs certainly, but nonetheless without knowing if people in the crowd would not turn against them. My heart burst with pride to see that some of the youth came from the suburbs, too.


There are still lingering effects today. Our feet hurt. People smile and we are a little less rude with each other than usual. Tomorrow, we will stamp each other again in the subway, we will bicker again, and malevolent sirens will still be listened to, but we needed this. 


Thanks again for your thoughts, and sorry for the emo-babble, but I needed to share.


3,7 million and not one hateful incident. I am so relieved.


*end of the emo-babble*