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Hainted - Jordan L. Hawk

I'll make it short, you all have already read it.


The romance was nothing special and a bit sappy, but I surprisingly didn't mind that much and the story as a whole worked for me. Perhaps reading few romance books helped and made it easier to overlook the overused tropes, but that's not all that there was to it. I did skim the fluff, but it's also that it was nicely wrapped up. A world building under Hecate's and Hel's patronage, fast-paced action and efficient writing : it was well done and the romance wasn't overbearing.


It's not the kind of read I felt compulsive about, I had no problem to put it down and I've read it bits by bits. But I was happy to get back to it, and I had a good time when I did.


So, right time, right mood, good story telling : nice read.


P.S. : I can't get used to the stupid inner voices though.