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Reading progress update: I've read 42%.

Hammer and Bone - Kirby Crow

I've read 4 stories so far. I'll review them later, I'm only sorting my mixed feelings out.


1 - Crank. Great world building. Think something between steampunk and Zola or Dickens. BUT something must have gone over my head. Besides the luscious world building, what was the point? 


2 - Hammer and Bone. Dystopian world where the characters are struggling to survive without being caught by cannibals or psychopaths. I got it this time, but it is still unbalanced. Nonetheless, better.


3 - Hangfire - 2 cops, a closet case, familiar romance territory.  It starts like a contemporary romance and follows a twisty path. The story development was way more effective; perhaps it's because that it didn't require so much world building. However, It left me very uncomfortable,  dubitative about the author's intent and suspicious of emotional manipulation. It's the one I like the less. 


4 - No Gods and No Tomorrows - My favorite so far. A cornered street kid and a bit of Faust. It reminded me of the atmosphere in a (the) scene that I loved in "Angels of the Deep". I really liked it.