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Reading progress update: I've read 34%. Don't mind me, I'm venting out.

Falls Chance Ranch - Rolf, Ranger

You know what, I don't get it, after all.


I was doing fine, almost patted myself on the shoulder for not getting angry at the weirdness/wrongness and looking the other way when someone spurted some ethical non-sense. I thought that I got it, I was all "aha" and "hmmm" at the interesting stuff (because there is some interesting stuff). 


Now, I'm at 34% and I'm fuming.


I don't understand, because if Flynn-The-Horse-Whisperer ever tried to get near me with a paddle or dared treat me like a child, I would rip his head off. 


And I am tired of everyone being gentle and kind and of their Little-House-in-the-Prairie number.


And the part of my brain that hasn't short-circuited gets the 'pup' thing, but really, do they have to act like they are the not-so-bright of the litter? All the time?


Oh, and is it a ghost they threw in the mix?






*feels better*


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