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The Steel Seraglio - Nimit Malavia, Linda Carey, Louise Carey, Mike Carey

2% in and I was already irritated by this statement :


"So many terms denoting orgasm also mean arrival, and that's a trend that will continue through all the ages of man (and woman). Ich komme. J'arrive. Vengo. Only people in the far north, in a land that will be called Hungary, will choose to express the sexual climax in a word that means 'I just left'."


Let me rock the boat of this linguistic study : J'arrive doesn't express sexual climax since there are actually two very different words in French to express orgasm and arrival. I am not waving the Francophony flag or anything, but one would think that they would check!


Later, I raised my eyebrows at the sultan having 10 spouses : they could have as many concubines as they wanted, but the number of spouses is limited to 4, according to the islamic law. Since this tale often refers to a monotheist religion, I am deducting that it is not set in pre-islamic Arabia.