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Lost - Varian Krylov

I am currently residing in the pit of book-slump-hell, so something sulfurous not only seemed to fit the ambiance but had a chance to jolt me out of my torpor. It almost did.


Lost is an erotic fantasy that takes the old tale of survival on a desert island and briefly revisits it by exploring what the primal urges of survival could do to a family of Crusoes. The question is whether or not primal instincts do take over under the right (or wrong, for that matter) circumstances and whether or not we are all but animals after all, albeit ones with scruples and guilt.


I found that it was a nice added layer, even though Lost is a novella and the underlying theme is more sketched than actually developed. As it is, it is first and foremost an incest  fantasy with a well written, tense erotica that sadly fizzled out in a last part that the author either should have developed with more care or should just have done without.


Back to the incest thing. The author made sure to not make it too hard on the reader and only sex-between-consenting-adults neon signs in the sky would have been more obvious.  Most of the author’s choices are clearly made with this goal in mind and it is open to debate whether it weakens the story or not, but it is undeniable that it makes it easier. Still, it will not be enough for some who would not get near this book anyway, and too much for others who are looking for something darker. However, if you stand in the middle or feel like cautiously stretching your boundaries, this story provides a hot erotica with just the right amount of wrongness to make you feel the heat without getting burnt. 

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