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Magic Bites -  Ilona Andrews

I've just read Ami's review and I'll steal her conclusion to sum up my opinion : it's a good start. 


I didn't like the 1st person POV in the beginning. I like 1st person POVs when they bring a strong voice in a character driven story and I didn't feel like it served this purpose here, so it felt a bit awkward and distant. Also, I like strong heroines but I hate that they always have to be so contradictory and sprout funny words all the time to sound kick ass. So, Kate sounded a bit caricatural.


And yet, in the end, I found that Kate's 1st person POV sounded exactly like she is : lonely and trying hard to be distant. Her attitude is just that : an attitude and there is more to Kate than a kick ass heroine.


There is potential for an interesting character with a good supporting cast in well put together stories, and it turned out way better than I expected it in the beginning, so there is also potential for good developments.


A good start.