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Gives Light (Gives Light, #1)

Gives Light (Gives Light, #1) - Rose Christo

4 or 4,5 stars, I can't make up my mind.This story is about Skylar Saint Clair whose laughs are soundless and who speaks with his smiles, who’s cheeky and open-hearted; about Rafael Gives Light, whose father ”liked hurting women”, who draws gifts for the dead, who’s fierce and protective, and can read Skylar’s face. It’s about them gaining something beautiful and positive out of something ugly and terrifying.”[…] Rafael pushed me up against the wall and kissed me, hard and wanting and fierce, filled to the brim with emotions that spilled other, and I held him close, and anchored him to me, anchoring him to earth.”From serial killer’s victim and son, they become buddies, boyfriends and members of a pack of friends, they bring each other solace and balance, and are on their way of finding their place in a world they’re attuned to.I agree with Elizabetta that the author’s voice took precedence over her character’s, there were moments when I longed for Rafael’s POV, for duality and excitement; it is a little one-sided too. I loved it and fell for Skylar and Rafael all the same.“Gives Light” is a lovely story that speaks of the Plains people and of harmony.This was a buddy read with Elizabetta for The Blog of Sid Love