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Catch a Ghost

Catch a Ghost - S.E. Jakes

please read part I chez Elizabetta * Scene fades *Ilhem/Prophet: ...duh, go fuck yourself Tommy. I’m fucking lethal and I don’t need you and your bleedin’ help! Ebetta/Tom : But Proph, we’re partners. We gotta work together! Lethally! Ilhem/Prophet : Partner-shmartner, let’s fuck. Oh wait, I feel a PTSD flashback coming on… Done. Kiss me, you fucker! Ebetta/Tom : Fuck you! *flips the bird as he storms out of the room*****Ebetta: Yeah… that’s just about it, Ilhem. There, in a nutshell, the whole shebang. Amen. Dang, is there a moral here? Something we can take away from our toil?Ilhem : I need more than a romance pot-pourri to feel like I’ve been told a story. There is nothing wrong in being entertained, I can like smut-only stories, but Prophet and Tom’s relationship is fake, any progress between them came out of the blue, there was zero sexual tension, and the sex was bland. Ebetta : We’re demanding more as this genre grows and we see what really great writing can give us. Inspiration! No more cookie-cutter characters! Real men! Who act and talk like Real Men! And, I hear you, the sex… that had better be damned good. ‘Cause we’ve seen it all before.So, I guess, there we have it, thumbs up, thumbs down?Ilhem : Thumbs down. When I read a book, I like being told a story and I like meeting characters that inspire me.