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Strange Angels

Strange Angels - Andrea Speed

Tandem review with Shelley (who DNF'd it)


Oh boy.

Ilhem: Let’s start from the title -“Strange Angels”, emphasis on “strange”.

You love fluffy romance with sweet angels? It is not too late. Run!
You’re dreaming of a Percy Jackson/Stargate/The Mummy Returns/Wolverine/The Attack of the Snakes / crossover? Bingo!

Shelley: Initially I was reminded of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Angel series but then it became more reminiscent of Ben10 Omniverse .

Ilhem: No romance

Shelley: Not even sex! They said they didn’t feel like it when the opportunity presented :/

Ilhem: This story is a nerd-crazy fest revolving around a very basic plot.

Bren is an ordinary man who must come to terms with his newly discovered demi-god status, must unlock his powers, unmask enemies he didn’t know he had, and win a war he didn’t know was ragging. He is confused and scared shitless all along, hiding behind his Angel-boyfriend while the cheeky sexiness is provided by Bob, a fallen god with crazy T-shirts. It was actually a good start…

I chuckled at Bren freaking out all the time, digging in his heels and providing funny lines

Shelley: …and so did I for the first 13%

Ilhem: I was amused by Dar’s offbeat stoicism

Shelley: Stoic!!! He’s a walking statue with copper wire hair. I think Ilhem is too nice.

Ilhem: I liked Bob.

Shelley: Ha! Yes! And if I ever reach godly heights I’d want to be called Bob or Clive, or Neville …or Steve.

Ilhem: I “eeeked” and “eeewed” at the creepy-crawly.

Shelley: And I had a frowny face competition with my bulldog.

Ilhem: In short, I had fun until it became a little bit too much and a little bit not enough in the long run, that is after the 50% mark. Too many weirdos, not enough story.

Shelley: Agreed! But my amusement perished at about the 20% mark.

Ilhem: I grew annoyed by how few insights we were given about the characters and by how minimalist the story development was.

Shelley: *nodding with exaggerated silent applause*

Ilhem: Sure, the author had fun with the multiverses and their demented gods, but in the end, the craziness without the back up of a plot became repetitive and I lost interest and amusement. In short, foolishness for the sake of foolishness amused me in the beginning, but left me wanting more.

Shelley: I say frivolous, without much depth. I gave up at 65%.

Ilhem: So. Do not go there if ‘absurd’ doesn’t work for you; give it a try if you’re entertained by nonsense. You have a good chance to like it if you love B movies and/or if you are a “Josh of the damned” fan.