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Speechless - Kim Fielding

Speechless - Kim Fielding


Fluff is not my poison. Sweet and all-good  turn very fast into dull and boring unless a little something makes it special.


In this regard, Drew’s and Travis’ imperfections were a nice touch and boded well for an interesting story, even though Travis’ incapacity was a little bit too much in my opinion. I mean, what’s wrong with just being plain?


Whatever. I liked their encounters in front of Drew’s porch, their first conversations, the beginning of something special in ordinary lives, the fact that domesticity IS something special in lonely lives … Until it grew old and the narrative unfortunately contented itself with facts of life that are nothing more than banalities when they’re not staging emotions.


Never mind, I had my second chance with Travis’ friend’s sagacity: “You’re gonna make mistakes, dude. Everyone does. It’s how you deal with those mistakes that’s important”.

Exactly, right?!


I was still hopeful when our MCs’ love is indeed put to the test by bad circumstances and what I do not consider as a mistake, but a quite rational, and dare I say healthy choice! The let-down is that, mistake or not, it is not dealt with, therefore hardly resolved even though all ends well.


It is accessory, but I also realize that I’m starting to develop a cheating reverse pet peeve. It’s not that I want characters to cheat, mind you - put that stone down! But surely, there is more to a relationship than just not cheating?


To conclude, I liked the characters and what was at the core of the story, but both my sparkles of special sizzled and died, leaving me huffing and rolling my eyes at the all-goodness.


More eloquently: “far from bad, but meh”.