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Decent slutty fluff

Charlie, Rentboy (Working Boys 1) - J.P. Barnaby

This is pretty-womanesque romance and smutty fluff in all its glory! I can’t say that I am a huge fan of the genre, but “Charlie, Rentboy” is a decent rom-com that avoided sinking in syrup so that I could enjoy the cheeky parts.


I am partial to wit and sass, and Charlie’s verbal antics about his slutty prettiness might get old sometimes, but his devil may-care attitude makes him an amusing and likable character; all the more so when it is softened by flickers of kindness.


John brings the very substantial bank account, the heart on his sleeve, wide-eyed innocence, and the final little touch of sadness on top of the kink.


Sass + sad but sexy panda =  cute equation in a story that provides a great amount of moans and a reasonable diversity of positions, strokes of fate, romantic gestures and pure feelings.  


I found the plot predictable and contrived, I rolled my eyes more often than not, but I smiled too, and even though I wasn’t carried away, I had quite a pleasant time.

This story should thrill fluff lovers, and possibly provide an agreeable interlude between heavier reads, if you’re not totally allergic to cuteness.


Side Note : did you notice that I refrained from reviewing the cover? I didn’t want to ruin your experience with unnecessary words.