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Marked - Kayla Bain-Vrba

“Marked” belongs to the collection “Proud to Be a Vampire”, and I will first give this credit to the author: she chose an interesting if not revolutionary (but is there one left?) setting for this overused topic, as the romance is at the heart of a gang war that culminates in a gunfight-at-the-O.K-corral like episode.


I won’t dwell on all my niggles, I had a lot. But this is what was truly crippling :


The writing that barely took off of the informative/descriptive level, which quite suited Jake’s character in the beginning, but quickly wasn’t enough for an in-depth characterisation.


The plot line providing the story’s backbone required for me to suspend belief, and although I tried and almost convinced myself to, I never did. That pretty much condemned everything that followed to not make sense, since I had already killed everyone at the very beginning.


In the same vein, I marvelled at the author developing a thread that I found irrelevant and could hardly connect to the main story,  just like I couldn’t connect some (often quite good) parts to the whole, just like I found it very difficult to feel the connection between  the two main characters. You know, the ones who are falling in love...


All in all, a good idea with an inadequate execution.