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Surprising but not bad

Agamemnon Frost and the House of Death - Kim Knox

“One night’s work. Just one”.


It takes only one night’s work as Agamemnon Frost’s valet to topple Mason’s world over and tell this story. “One night”. This is a leitmotiv in his mind as he faces want, fear and death.


Indeed, “Agamemnon and the House of Death” is a story of want starting suspiciously at first sight and taking roots with a shaving scene (what is it with shaving scenes?!) - golden eyes and smirking mouth, wet skin and offered throat, sandalwood and vanilla, need to taste and rush of want.


I’m quite taken with their chemistry. Truth be told, it’s what I enjoyed the most in this instalment and Mason’s sexual frustration is my first motivation to go on with the series. I want more of the chemistry, provided that the author gives us more insights into her characters and a development of the shifts in their dynamics. Frost particularly is elusive, which is part of his persona, and I want more of him. That’s my second motivation.


Fear and Death. It’s also a gothic spy story with the mandatory villain plotting the world domination, whose main plot device is a little…disconcerting. I didn’t really get into this aspect of the story; a part of my brain never lowered the raised eyebrows even though I liked the action scenes in the end. Perhaps book #2 will run more smoothly now that I’m familiar with Frost’s and Mason’s world.


All in all, I’m not 100% won over, but this first book left me with expectations.