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Today is TA's day!

What do readers say about The Administration?



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TA readers shared the love and selected quotes among their favourites. Not only do they provide a great collection for us to “oooh” and “aaah” over, but they sum up quite perfectly why we’re all so addicted to the couple!




“Despite the risk of the partly open door, he couldn’t resist lowering his head the last short distance to nip at Warrick’s throat. Warrick shivered, marble crumbling like clay” -  Mind Fuck


"For a moment, he felt a flutter of something like panic starting."Mind Fuck


"Shh...Just shh."Pancakes                         


“Distinct, discret dabs of pain lingered, telling him that there would be finger marks still visible tomorrow-bruises, beautiful reminders of how Toreth owned him at this moment.” Mirror, Mirror


"The surprise wasn't that Carnac wasn't particularly good at blowjobs, it was that he was willing to give them at all. They broke two rules which Toreth had come to see as central to the socioanalyst's entire existence: they stopped him talking, and they interrupted the illusion that the world, solar system and probably entire galaxy revolved solely around him."-  Game, set


The essence of it is…is losing myself, my self, and belonging to him completely. Being taken, and not just physically. Everything else is what I need to get me there.”-  Shopping and Fucking


“She's Warrick's sister," he said, aiming to sound disapproving and very nearly managing it.
"Yeah, and that's why you want to screw her. Because they have that weird identical twin thing going on, even though they aren't." Her eyes narrowed. "In fact, I bet you've thought about doing both of them at the same time. Side-by-side comparison. Or top-and-bottom comparison."
"That's disgusting." Toreth said, grinning hugely.”
Pool School


"D'you want to fuck?"
The all-purpose makeup and apology. How ever would they manage without it? "Do you think you're up to it, to coin a phrase?"
Toreth peered thoughtfully at the bottle, then shook his head. "Not a fucking chance. I feel like shit. Don't-don't go, though."


"Could you get off like that without it?  Without the chains?"  Without the absolute surrender.  "No. And not without you.  You more than any of it."  - Shopping, No Fucking


“More stars than he’d seen in his life. More stars than he’d ever imagined existed. Even the

gaps between them looked different—a deep velvety blue only a shade away from black. The unexpected beauty of it held his gaze, leaving him unaware of time passing.” Quis Custodiet


On the way back from lunch, Toreth bought a postcard with a picture of some ruined building or another on the front. On the back he wrote, 'Weather sunny. Food great. Missing you sucking my cock', and posted it to Warrick at SimTech. - Quis Custodiet


"Let me fuck you," Toreth said suddenly.
The peculiar phrasing caused a near-disastrous hesitation. Warrick covered it by sliding over to Toreth—bringing them together now sex had made it permissible. –

and Now


“No, no. I understand. I was merely contemplating the fact that informing me that you had sex with someone else last night—after drugging him—falls under the heading of your being unusually considerate."  First Against The Wall


“Whatever it was, it was entirely Warrick's fucking fault.”First Against The Wall


"Could you tell Warrick-" Tell him I'm going to miss him, for however long it takes them to kill me? Tell him I'm sorry that the last thing we did together was argue and not fuck? Tell him that he was the best fuck in the world?"First Against The Wall


He thought Toreth was falling asleep, because the hand on his back slowed and stilled, but after a minute or so, Toreth ran his thumb down his spine and said, "Say it again."
There were two choices, and he took the riskier one. "I'll never leave you." -
Family Values


"You know what?" Toreth said. "I'm sick of living out of that fucking suitcase. I just want to have somewhere to call home." - Family Values



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