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The Violet and the Tom - Eve Ocotillo

“The Violet and the Tom” is a well written story that kept me interested until the very end; I really liked it even though I missed a pinch of salt here and there to have it spiced exactly to my taste. Court intrigues and adventures would have knocked my socks off!


Sylvan tells us this story. He is a slave in an AU ancient Greece, an eromenos trained to please and not to be anyone. It is incredible how he can be so oblivious when he is so attuned to his master’s desires! He will perhaps annoy the hell out of the most impatient of you, but I liked his story arc that begins at the feet of Lord Nygell, in this disturbingly comfortable position of being nothing more than a pet. Mistreated or pampered, but never in possession of the slightest particle of himself, or wouldn’t it be unbearable?! Where he will go from there and how is yours to discover… and be sometimes frustrated about.


The main character of this story is the D/s relationship though. It is its asset as it is an initiatory, almost educational journey, and it is its flaw as it overshadows the romantic relationship.  Don’t shy away, romantic souls! It is very much about love in the end -only, it comes a little out of the blue in my opinion.

“The Violet and the Tom” is an interesting and respectful take on a D/s relationship where the choice of setting highlights how D/s is not abuse, how its foundations must be equality and shared desires.


If you’re a first timer, be warned that the story contains some whipping and lashing but really nothing hardcore, and hey! It’s BDSM! I strongly recommend it to get what submission and domination are about. I’m not an expert, mind you -only very appreciative of how the master/slave dynamic is captured, whether it is in role play or actual slavery.


Enough with me, I’d hate to make it sound too cerebral. Go read it, I promise that it’s sweet and sexy and that it will get you all hot and bothered!


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