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Winter Knights - Harper Fox

Sure, there is a lot going on and not everything is fully developed in order to make total sense, I am aware that paranormal is sometimes a convenient tool to overlook plot holes and to brighten up old tropes...But you know what? I loved it.


I loved all the in-betweens and crossroads: War Lords’ land and Roman Empire, science and religion, history and legend, dream and reality, life and death, past and present. Faiths.


I loved the take on Christmas night and the newborn theme, how it is threaded with the (tweaked) Arthurian theme, and how they provide together a nice story arc for Gavin.


I probably enjoyed this story’s moments independently from each other more than the whole from-point-A-to-point-B route, but I am totally fine with it because the whole nevertheless made me want to plan next Christmas in Northumberland, to walk along Hadrian’s wall and daydream that I’m treading upon Arthur’s land, then wave with a twinge at the heart at Art and Lannie in the sunshine before heading back home and stopping by somewhere on the way to see how Gav and Piers are faring.


To finish, a warning note for readers who are particularly touchy about the number of involved body parts: you might grind your teeth somewhere in the story, but don’t let that deter you from reading it. The romance is lovely and well and truly Gav’s and Piers’.