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Floodgates - Mary Calmes

So, there is this buddy read and I was a Mary Calmes virgin.... 


Tracy is a plain bookkeeper, with a huge sense of humour (it is said) and a gorgeous ex-boyfriend who cheated on him (the bastard), but they're only apart you know. And there's his brothers'  gorgeous partner, who is a man-whore (the bastard) and they are irrepressibly attracted to each other, but no no no, Tracy will not give in because Tracy is not a slut you know. And there's Tracy's (gorgeous?) partner, who looks and sounds like a Russian mobster (the bastard?), but perhaps isn't, because Tracy saw beyond appearances, or perhaps is (ha, the bastard!) and Tracy is just so trustful, you know.



Tracy must shower with pheromones, because they all want to get into his pants with various degrees of subtlety. Who will Tracy choose?


The alpha with blue-violet eyes? The one with moss-green eyes *neon signs*? The one whose eyes don't deserve to be mentioned (or I missed)?


The wait is killing me.