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A Mary Calmes virgin I am no more

Floodgates - Mary Calmes

To be honest, I knew I wouldn't like it, so no rating. As I said, I was a Mary Calmes virgin and I wanted to see by myself what the love/hate was about.


I saw. My feelz?




No more Mary Calmes for me, it's safe to say that her books will not be one of my guilty pleasures; they don't press any of my buttons.


Now, about this story. I'll make it short : it is basically the worst of het romance, except that the MC is male; which implies, as far as characterization  is concerned, to  castrate him and hand him his dick back for the sex scenes on top of infantilizing him. And this is all I have to say.




Now, I got to play Charmingly Euphemistic's Bingo Game to spice things up :



Let's check :


1 - A main character hosts a TV show : Tracy's gorgeous brother is an actor in a TV series. Slightly different, but I say bingo!


2 - A character caresses another cheek : Bingo!


3 - Someone is kidnapped : oh lol! It's one of the most stupid kidnappings ever! Bingo!


4 - Pregnant character : Ding!


5 - Stalkerish ex-boyfriend : he's not exactly stalking, but he's sticking like glue. I say it counts.


6 - Consumption of a dessert : Shoot! I forgot about that...Wait, MC eats scones!


7 - Tongues tangle : ALL.THE.TIME. It's a wonder the're not dehydrated by the loss of saliva (ewwww)


8 - Gorgeous guys : *counts on fingers* at least 7 guys + the dog. 


9 - Work event : in the past, but at the core of a shitty situation.


10 - Family party : two!


Someone raises an eyebrow for someone : perhaps but I can't remember. Should have taken notes.


11 - Doctor or surgeon : say it with me - BIN-GO!


12 - A character is another character's rock : the only one who makes him feel safe. Bingo!


13 - Story is set in Chicago : Not sure. I suspect that the author cheated, I can't recall the name being mentioned. But they watch or talk (can't remember, I dozed off, okay!) about a game with a Chicago team. I count it, that will teach her not to cheat.


14 : A character is golden all over : yep!


14 out of 25 : it looks like it's not totally the usual formula, but still a WINNER!



I'd like to add 3 items to the range of body expressions  :


someone cups someone else's face in his hands : a million times


someone slids his hand around to the back of someone's neck : ditto


MC opens his arms to be held : I lost count + I can't even say how ridiculous/disturbing it is!