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Taking Flight - Maggie Kavanagh

This is not a love story of epic proportions, it certainly did not knock my world off its axis, but I suspect that it wasn’t its purpose. It is instead a sensible despite a little bit of Big Misunderstanding to feed the angst, and more than decently written story about choices and relationships.


Hunter is a sweet guy very much in love with his soldier of a boyfriend, very much dissatisfied by their long-distance relationship too, as overwhelmed with joy as he is troubled by their rare and brief reunions in a otherwise world of worry and doubts. I liked Hunter because he is not whiny nor clingy; he’s only feeling that sometimes love is not enough to make things work, that he needs more to be happy, that his love story puts his life on hold. That hurts. All the more so when you know that the epiphany is only the starting point, and you have to do something about it.


The novella is too short to develop in details and be truly exciting, and a whole side happens off scene, which might be unsatisfying for some. I didn’t mind much, because I appreciated that the author developed nonetheless the idea that everyone is responsible of oneself, that no matter how big the love story is, it will not heal you in place of yourself, that no matter how much in love you are, you sometimes have to stand up for yourself and what you want in life, that you have to build your life in order to share it with someone. What Hunter and Jake made of that is yours to discover.


No epic proportions I said, but a pleasant interlude when you’re in the mood for something  angsty without being soul-shattering.

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