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Benjamin Pepperwhistle and the Fantabulous Circus of Wonders - Cornelia Grey

Ooooh… If the Fantabulous Circus of Wonder showed up in my town, I’d buy tickets for every single damn performance, and I’d be right there in the front seat, smelling dark powder, tasting it, starting at the crack of gunshots, pricking up my ears to hear the thud of bullets on a wooden target, fingers twitching to grasp the tension between Cole and Benjamin, gorging on it, and overall shamelessly sweating and drooling.


Silly me, I just did!


This novella is a never-ending VIP pass, a full entry to pry behind the scenes, a bubble of fantasy, and an otherworld of wonders where everything is possible, even edgy sweetness! Cornelia Grey teases senses, builds sexual tension (woo!), diffuses it with cute awkwardness only to sharpen it straight away with edge play, and all along makes you feel the hot-cold weight of a gun.


Benjamin Pepperwhistle” somehow reconciles edge with cute, and it’s one of the best m/m/gun threesome I’ve read so far. It is also the proof that short reads can pack a very satisfying punch.



Joint review with Ami

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