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Death by Misfortune (Bill Turner, #2) - A.M. Riley

Not really a review. I'll try to be more articulate later if I'm not too lazy.


I loved being stamped by Becket and Jeremy, but I felt like "Death by Misfortune" didn't reach as deep as "Amor en Retrogrado" did. Now, J.D. and Robert played me like a violin, it's perhaps because of that...


Anyway, It's a very good, very entertaining, gripping read with flawed (understatement of the year) characters, a lot of back-stabbing, heart-wrenching, last minute twists and turns, and even a little bit of sap (it's all relative) to mend your broken soul. 

I gasped, I bit my nails, I shook a vengeful fist, I cluched my chest in dismay, I chuckled... I had a lot of fun. 


And my heart belongs to Bill.


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