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Immortality is the Suck - A.M. Riley

Oh I needed this! Feeling like dancing a happy jig with my kindle, and grinning maniacally, and having fun!


The author comes from the movie industry, and it shows. This should be a TV series! It’s an action-packed story with tires screeching, faces morphing, wall climbing, heads rolling, hot sexing, guns, swords and Harleys! It’s fast and messy, with tears, blood, vamp dust and… ahem…bodily fluids. Pulpish and raw at the same time, like a Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Sons of Anarchy crossover, “Immortality is the suck” is a very good 3,5 stars entertainment, if not totally subjucating, plot wise.


But that is not all, and it reached my 4 stars level for one and only reason.






Oooh, Adam, people! How can I put it? He’s a first class prick,  an undercover cop teetering on the edge of corruption, a selfish, promiscuous, cynical man, possessive and hurt when he doesn’t have any right to be, always evasive, and always, always coming back to Peter. When the story begins, Adam is dying like he lived : on the dirt of a warehouse, letting Peter down and making him cry. Does it scream dysfuntional enough for you to see how much it pressed my buttons?! When Adam watches Peter, scrutinizes every single spot of his skin, every single bat of his eyelashes and just smells him in and drinks him in (although not literally), when he talks of Peter, of every small variation in his body language, I got the fuzzies in my heart and the jellies in my knees (is that even English?).


The story is written in a 1st person POV, but it’s not like being in the character’s head. It’s like these shows where an invisible cameraman is following someone step by step, and sometimes the star of the show stops to talk to the camera. That’s the thing : the romance is Peter’s and Adam’s, but the show is Adam’s, and you’re his privileged spectator.


Or should I say, the show IS Adam? Rough and sarcastic, angsty and flippant,  funny and going through a whole range of emotions in the blink of an eye, and remaining a light entertainment but still managing to provide an emotional romance that is strongly reminiscent of Bill’s and Chris’ in the Bill Turner series, if you’ve read this series.


To conclude. I’ve been entertained and my buttons are happy.


The only drawback is that I’m worried. I don’t have many Riley stories left to read, and that sucks.

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