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Horny - Anne Tenino

There’s no other way to put it : I didn’t like anything about this book.


I was in the mood for an easy read and sexy fun, and the expectation of a silly tale mixing mythological characters playing havoc on earth with an investigation and a sexy romance lured me in.


The investigation is a vague excuse to bring the Immortals in Ryan’s bar, the romance is a case of predestined mates, and nothing happens besides secondary characters being kinda ridiculous, Ryan playing the skittish virgin in the name of a dark slutty past and Leander rowing hard to win him over. Don’t ask me what those two find in each other though – besides otherworldly hotness and irresistible cuteness, I mean – it’s predestination,  growing feelings and build up are conveniently not needed.


I found the narrative way too loose for my liking : farcical instead of playful, hoping heads and wandering from one scene to another, pulling strategical strings when the reader may grow tired of the wanderings. I cracked a smile or two at Anne Tenino’s lines, but I’ve been totally impervious to the comedy of situation, and despite sexy times that were objectively sexy, the romance either bored me or grated on my nerves.


The expectation, the (lack of in this instance) sense of humor, the lack of thrill for predestination are mine,  there’s perhaps a second-degree somewhere that went over my head, and you might enjoy what irritated me. However, the lack of decent plot and the rushed execution made this read lean towards the bad side of easy.  I’m not recommending it.

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